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Our Mission

The Mission of Patriot Park Foundation is to honor our Global War on Terror Armed Forces and their families for their sacrifice to preserve and protect our freedom; to share with Patriot Park visitors, through stories and displays, the actions our military personnel so courageously carry out; and to raise awareness of their continued need for our support.

Patriot Park will fulfill this mission by displaying on the Gold Star Pavers the names of all those who died in the line of duty while serving this country in the Global War on Terror. The GWOT has been raging for many years with the loss of thousands of lives. The Memorial Plaza is designed to remember each of those lives with an inscribed gold paver brick. Veterans and their families will be honored by the displays and story boards surrounding the Memorial and located in the Education Center. The site will provide information in a way that will motivate the hundreds of thousands of annual visitors to remember and support veterans and veteran organizations.


Honor – Honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice as well as all veterans of the Global War on Terror

Inspire – Inspire patriotism through stories and military displays.

Educate – Educate visitors about the Global War on Terror and sacrifices service personnel and their families have and continue to make.

Support –Support the unique needs of Global War on Terror veterans and their families by partnering with organizations that provide mental health and various other types of support services.

Enhance – Enhance the experience for the large number of people who visit the nearby Flight 93 National Memorial.

Recent news

Daily American Article

Click Here to read the article featured in the Daily American. Plans continue for memorial honoring war on terror veterans.

Outlook Postcast

Click Here to listen to our interview on the Outlook Postcast, Hosted by Dan Holzman

Vinyl Signs

Patriot Park Foundation received 3 – 4 foot by 5 foot vinyl signs donated by Pennsylvania Army National Guard, and special thanks to SFC William Farris. The red, white, and blue signs announce the future home of the Patriot Park Global War on Terror Memorial and were erected temporarily just in time for the September 11, 2018 anniversary. Permanent frame works are currently being constructed.

President Trump and Secretary of Interior Zenke

Patriot Park Foundation provided information packets to President Trump and Secretary of Interior Zenke regarding the proposed Patriot Park Global War on Terror Memorial during their recent visit to the Flight 93 National Memorial.

American Legion fundraising visits

Patriot Park Foundation Board Member Bob Munhall has recently completed a number of information/fundraising visits to local American Legion Posts. The Foundation hopes to raise $25,000 to kick off a nationwide marketing campaign later this year.